It’s time. Your journey starts now. Cast off your bow lines. Raise the sails. Step off of solid land, your place of solace, and paddle off into uncertainty. A vast ocean of opportunity lies before you – Make a splash.

  • Today

    My younger brother and I were having a casual conversation on Google Hangout earlier. Our discussion made him think about my first business which led to him check to see if its website still existed. Much to his amazement it did. He sent me the URL accompanied by an interesting question:

    “How far do you think you’ve come since then?”

    Honestly, it has been a while since I thought about my entrepreneurial beginnings and I definitely didn’t think that it was possible for the website to still be functional. Yet there it was in all of it’s circa 1999 glory. I couldn’t help but feel nostalgic as electronic music played unsolicited from its animated Flash header. Memories from 15 years ago entered my mind.

    I was foolishly ambitious and hopelessly ignorant, but I had a strong drive that was powered by seemingly limitless energy that is often wasted on 17 year old children. The Internet had not yet reached its saturation point and I was feverishly helping businesses stake their claim on the Wild West Web in-between 18 credit semesters and internships. Sleep was a luxury, as were social interactions, but I enjoyed myself and took pride in what I was doing.

    And then I felt a little twinge of something inside me. What was this? Could it really be that I was little jealous of my former self?

    I have a blessed life: I’m weeks away from marrying the woman of my dreams and I’m fortunate to work with a team of inspiring people, but somehow over the past two years my contentment with life has transformed into complacency. This trip down memory lane, triggered by my brother’s inquiry, came at a good time.

  • Tomorrow

    It’s time to build momentum again and the right first step is to dust off Truebluetitan, my long time playground for all things web so that I can get back into something that was once a large part of me – blogging.

    Lately, I have had this insatiable urge to write. There’s something satisfying about sitting down to explore your thoughts and watch them evolve into a written idea before you.

    So I spent the last couple of days evolving Truebluetitan’s codebase into what you see before you: a blog focused on crisp clean typographic goodness supported by my other passion, photography.

    I have no intention of sticking with a regular posting schedule, nor do I know what the focus of this site will be. It may never have one central focus. Truthfully, I don’t care.

    What I am interested in is taking some time to reflect on the crazy path that has led me here (Apparently that’s not such a bad thing) and chart my course for the next great adventure.

    Once the flywheel is spinning again, my intention is to continue my entrepreneurial journey… Somehow.

    I’m not quite sure what that looks like, but I do know that I need to take advantage of the fact that I live in one of the top 10 cities where you are most likely to achieve the american dream and I sure as heck am not getting any younger.

Truebluetitan is the personal blog of Rob Schultz, a 30-something from Pittsburgh, PA.

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