“Where are the snows of yesteryear?” – François Villon, Testament

While organizing my files in preparation for future posts, I uncovered a treasure-trove of previous iterations of Truebluetitan from yesteryear. I felt as if I had just uncovered my childhood toy box filled with forgotten favorites.

Truebluetitan has always been the one website that I could do whatever I wanted with and so I did just that. Sure, I was worried about readership and usability, but I was free to experiment and try new things. It was quite literally the place where I taught myself HTML, CSS, Flash, PHP, Ruby on Rails, and Javascript.

Luckily, some of the experiments paid off and several iterations of this site were recognized by reputable web design inspiration galleries and blogs around the web.

After unearthing these artifacts of the web, I couldn’t stand the thought of placing them back into their catacombs to never be seen again. So I posted them below instead. Honestly, it’s pretty embarrassing to see what I actually considered to be a good website in the past, but whatever. It happened.

Untitled – Mark I (2000)

Untitled – Mark II (2001)

The Lost Baseball -Mark III (2003)

Truebluetitan – Mark IV (2005)

Truebluetitan – Mark V (2006)

Truebluetitan – Mark VI (2006)

Truebluetitan – Mark VII (2006)

Truebluetitan – Mark VIII (2007)

Truebluetitan – Mark IX (2008)

Truebluetitan – Mark X (2008) – Never Released

Truebluetitan – Mark XI (2009)

Truebluetitan – Mark XII (2010)

The Next Chapter

As you can see, the current version of Truebluetitan is a large departure from the TBT of yesteryear.

Bold. In your face. It’s finally what Truebluetitan was supposed to be all along.

Truebluetitan is the personal blog of Rob Schultz, a 30-something from Pittsburgh, PA.

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