“Though we may have desires or bold goals, for whatever reason, most of us don’t think we can achieve something beyond what we’re qualified to achieve. Why, I ask, do we let reality interfere with our dreams? – Simon Sinek

When I first stumbled on Simon Sinek, I was mesmerized. Although his presentation had a stereotypical business title, How great leaders inspire action, it delivered in spades. For 18 minutes I was captivated by his delivery and the simplicity of this powerful concept he was covering.

At its conclusion, I immediately forwarded the link to my management team who found it just as impactful, and decided to dedicate the beginning of our quarterly all-staff meeting to sharing it with our 40 member team. While it was playing, I slowly scanned the room, hopeful that people would feel as entranced as I was. Much to my amusement, they were. Tallying up the cost of salaries associated with that meeting, I realized just how expensive this lesson really was, but I firmly believed that the lifelong impact of his presentation was worth the investment.

Today, this presentation has been viewed nearly 14.5 million times (Ted.com and YouTube figures). If you’re not one of them, then you’ve been missing out. I invite you to set aside a few minutes to watch Simon speak about Apple, TiVo, the Wright brothers, and Dr. King in the embedded video below. If you’re going to watch one thing today – make this it.

  • If his talk really resonates with you and you consider yourself to be a reader, then I recommend that you pick up the accompanying book, Start with Why. The concept is the same, but I enjoyed getting into the details.

    In a world that seems to reward social norms and complacency, I feel that Simon Sinek’s work gives me the confidence to dare to dream bigger. He inspires me to trust my instincts when I’m faced with leadership opportunities and to constantly remind myself that “people don’t buy what you do they buy why you do it”.

  • Start with Why by Simon Sinek

Holding True to My “Why”

On the surface, the word “Truebluetitan” may look like a hodgepodge combination of random words, but it is far more than that. Defined as “One of prodigious size, strength, and achievement with inflexible faith and integrity for the glory of God” it’s a North Star. Well, my North Star to be exact – something by which to guide and measure myself by.

You see, despite having a successful career doing things that I am passionate about, I sometimes feel like a rudderless ship. Where am I heading? Like sailors of old, I believe that it’s important to always have a North Star to be guided by. Thats’s why Truebluetitan exists.

It’s time to act.

Truebluetitan is the personal blog of Rob Schultz, a 30-something from Pittsburgh, PA.

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